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Katrin Kleemann Publishes Article on The 1783 Calabrian Earthquake Sequence


Doctoral candidate Katrin Kleemann recently published an article on Arcadia entitled "Living in the Time of a Subsurface Revolution: The 1783 Calabrian Earthquake Sequence." 

In 1783, a sequence of five strong earthquakes shook Calabria (Richter magnitudes 5.9 to 7.0). Later that year the Icelandic Laki fissure eruption blanketed parts of the northern hemisphere with a dry sulfuric fog. The most popular working theory at the time was that earthquakes in Italy had caused the fog due to a “subsurface revolution.”

Katrin also published a blog article about the same topic for the Tectonics and Structural Geology Divison's Blog of the European Geosciences Union

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