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Update on the Doctoral Program Environment and Society

Recent Graduations and New Doctoral Candidates


Three new doctoral students joined the program in the academic year 2020/2021: Mariana Arjona Soberón with a project on digital environmental activism in Germany and Mexico, Anikó Elek Tálas with a project on the Hungarian writer in exile János Csokits, and Danielle Scheil, who works on textual framing and research bias in current economic research on the environment. Elena Torres-Ruiz, Sasha Gora, and Katrin Kleeman graduated from the program.

The last semester has been tough for many doctoral students, with libraries and archives closed and research trips postponed. However, some of them managed to profit from the RCC's move online and take part in our academic activities despite being on another continent. One of our online writing groups is now run by Valentina Roxo, currently a visiting doctoral student at Columbia University, and our online reading group is organized by Danielle Scheil from Canada. Both of these formats are open to current fellows and alumni of the RCC community.